The house is located in Melin – a newer part of the town of Cres, only 50 m from the sea and the beach. We would like to emphasize the fact that the house is in the first row from the sea. A narrow line of pinewood and a local road separate it from the shore. There is plenty of parking place by the road.

It was built with plenty of roofed and unroofed terraces, components of the rooms and apartments with a view of the sea. Walls are built of bricks. Floors are paved with tiles, covered with carpets by the bed. Bathrooms are equipped with bath or shower, washbowl and toilet. All rooms are neatly furnished.

Regarding the position, one can go to the beach in their swimsuit. The beach is equipped with showers, but one can also take a shower in the house park or the bathroom. Water is heated through a solar system and an oil-burning stove, also used for central-heating of all rooms in the house.

The accommodation is described in detail on a separate page.

photo of the house sea sight house entrance garden photo garden photo the house and the beach garden photo sea view beach garden photo garden photo garden photo

Location of the House

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Marija Erdelja
rooms and apartments rental
Melin II 31
51557 Cres
tel/fax: +385-51-571328
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