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The Island of Cres is positioned on the north of the Croatian coast.
The island is the second-largest and the second-longest island in the Adriatic. It is 66.5 km long. The northern part of the island is hilly (up to 648 m) and it descends towards the south. The coastline is 248 km long, and it includes beautiful pebbly beaches suitable for swimming, sunbathing, diving… In the heart of the island a fresh-water lake subsists.


Cres is surrounded by a mountainous frame of land and sea. For that reason it benefits from a pleasing Mediterranean climate with continental influences. The average yearly temperature is 14.4 °C. Summers are hot and mainly dry, whereas the summer heat is alleviated by the landward breeze. The sea temperature reaches 25 °C.

coming to Cres

You can reach Cres by following means of transport:

by car,
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by airplane,
the nearest airports are on the nearby islands:
  • Rijeka airport, on the island of Krk, roughly 35 km from Cres (Valbiska - Merag ferry line connects islands of Cres and Krk),
  • Lošinj airport, on the island of Lošinj, roughly 50 km from Cres (Lošinj and Cres are connected by a bridge);
by ship,
ship line Rijeka – Cres operates 5 times per week, once a day.

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